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Jørgen Walters, Editor / Informer Technologies, Inc. / June 11, 2013

A barcode is a way of encoding information using parallel lines of varying width and spacing.

This set of applications will allow you to read the data encode in these barcodes. Most of these applications work with image files, but some are capable of detecting barcodes in PDF documents as well.

Download solution synonyms: Barcode Scanner, Barcode Recognition Software, Barcode Decoder, Barcode List

These programs can help you with what you're intending to do:

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With the help of this tool, you can scan barcodes contained in image files or PDF documents. The scanning algorithms are very good and achieve perfect results if the image quality is not very low. The utility recognizes all of the popular codes used in businesses today.

  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Excellent scanning algorithms
  • Fast
  • Supports all popular barcode types
Eym Barcode Demo Reader

This demonstration application allows its user to decode 1D barcodes from image data that may either come from the user’s webcam or from image files. It is intended to showcase the features of the EymBarcodeReader.ocx ActiveX component, which is available for licensing on a one-time fee basis (i.e. royalty free runtime distribution).

Barcode Recognition Software

The Barcode Recognition Software is a program designed to help you to decode all popular barcode types. This tool also reads torn, crumpled barcodes and also barcodes corrupted in other ways. It can decode barcodes both from a file and from a data stream, i.e. if your application reads images from a camera, there is no need to save these images to files.

TriCoder Utilities

The TriCoder is an extremely versatile bar code reader. It functions as both a portable data collection device as well as a fixed on-line bar code reader. Although the TriCoder can perform complex data collection functions, it's true value is in its simplicity. With very little instruction, a user can collect data using one of the built-in programs, upload it and process the data.

2D Barcode Recognizer

Dll-components. Implemented a series of filters using the library ImagePak. Supported image formats: JPG and BMP. The work was done with the grant RFFI # 10-07-00039 "Development of algorithms of recognition 2d barcode with an any corner of turn and inclination of the camera".

Compact Barcode Reader

This application is using the Katanshi Library for barcode recognition. Compact Barcode Reader is optimized for omnidirectional barcode reading that can handle extreme variations of the light conditions and focus deviation. It's designed specially for usage on tablet PC , but it also can be run on any desktop PC with webcam.

Shelfari Scanner
Shelfari Scanner

Shelfari Scanner is an Adobe AIR-based application that turns any high-quality webcam into a barcode scanner you can use to quickly generate an inventory of your books suitable for use with Shelfari. Once you’ve scanned all your books, hit the save button to have Shelfari Scanner export an inventory file suitable for importing

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