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David Wardle, Editor / Informer Technologies, Inc. / December 19, 2012

This set contains free applications that will scan for open ports, locate these ports and display them to you in order to take any necessary security measure. Some of these tools can also scan the IPs and ports from entire networks.

Download solution synonyms: Free Tool to Scan Ports, Scan Ports for Free, Freeware to Scan Ports

These programs can help you with what you're intending to do:

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Free Port Scanner is a handy tool intended to scan a system and inform you about the active TCP ports on it. You can use this program to analyze your local system as well as any remote system you can access via TCP protocol. The program shows helpful descriptions of the standard TCP ports found, as well as their port names, numbers, and current status.

  • Intuitive.
  • Easy to use.
  • Allows you to scan remote systems.
  • Includes a list of predefined standard ports to be scanned.
  • Shows a complete set of information about the active ports found.
  • Unattractive user interface.
  • Slow scanning process.
  • Not capable of detecting all the active ports on a system automatically.
  • Designed to look for standard TCP ports only.
IP Scanner
IP Scanner
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A freeware port scanner, written completely in Java. NoJ/Direct no native calls anywhere.

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Powerful, flexible, free port scanner for analyzing network security or Internet exploration. Stealth SYN scan, Ping sweep, FTP bounce, UDP scan, TCP/IP fingerprinting remote OS identification. Features: - Allows you to easily access the main Nmap features and information; - Lets you create and manage any number of configurations you need; - Supports all its command line options.

Smiley IP Scanner

Smiley IP Scanner is a a free, fast and easy-to-use utility that will find the computers IP from a network. The program has a simple interface, choose IP addresses that you wish to scan, from an Ip range or an IP list. After that it will display the results, with details like IP address, host name, ping and open ports.

Prominent Pro PC Scan

Prominent Pro Scan is a free multi-threaded IP, NetBIOS and SNMP scanner with a modern interface and several advanced features. It is intended for both system administrators and general users who are interested in computer security.The program pings computers, scans for listening TCP ports and displays which types of resources are shared on the network.

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