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Sean Hill, Editor / Informer Technologies, Inc. / October 22, 2012

Any network mapping program included in this set allows you to visualize the devices that are connected to your host server. The programs build a graphical network map and can show the links between the connections.

Download solution synonyms: Network Map Utility, Network Map Display, Visualize Network Map, Generate Network Map

These programs can help you with what you're intending to do:

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The most popular tool for port scanning, OS detection, network discovery, version detection, as well as vulnerability and backdoor detection. Nmap can perform a network inventory, list a service history, identify firewall types and pocket filers, and detect the uptime of the system and the OS. Its huge database may identify the OS fingerprints of the target system easily and reliably.

  • Fully documented.
  • GUI support via Zenmap.
  • Supports UDP & TCP port scanning.
  • Supports user scripts (NSE).
  • All popular operating systems are supported.
  • Supports IP ranges.
  • Free tool.
SANDS Network Mapper

SANDS (Storage Application and Networked Data Services) is a collection of services available for purchase from ITS, bringing greater reliability to data storage, file sharing, and application deployment across the USC network. SANDS access is available to active USC faculty and staff.

10-Strike LANState Personal
10-Strike LANState Personal
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10-Strike LANState Personal is a network monitoring and mapping software solution for networks.LANState has host-monitoring functionality, which allows you to see the state of your network at any time

10-Strike Network Diagram

Create a diagram of your local area network quickly with this powerful network diagrammer and mapper, save it in popular graphical formats, copy and paste it to a document and export it to Microsoft Visio. The program scans LAN switches via SNMP.

Netbrain Workstation Personal Edition

NetBrain created Personal Edition to enable network engineers who are working towards a Cisco CCIE, CCNP, CCNA or other certifications to rapidly visualize network topologies through a mechanism everyone knows how to use – a map. Now you can optimize your learning experience and create highly detailed data-driven network maps

Jisio Network Designer

The goal is to get a logic and a topographic view on the network. The prototype Jisio (OBST Network Visualisation based on platform independent Java) can collect GPS-data to generate a map of your network area. The topographic view is for setting the position of your network sites.

Friendly Net Viewer
Friendly Net Viewer
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Friendly Net Viewer is a program that draws a map of all computers and devices connected to your network, and allows you to monitor them and execute different administrative tasks such as: getting computer information, viewing shared files, Ping, Trace Route, searching for network services and more.

  • Small.
  • Allows to assign external tools.
  • Offers a graphical network map.
  • None was found.
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