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Daria Bobyleva, Editor / Informer Technologies, Inc. / December 21, 2012

Query builders and tools that are represented in this set help to successfully deal with popular databases. The programs allow to work with table and create queries and extended data management. They are easy to use and have an intuitive interface.

Download solution synonyms: Create Query Tools, Query Tool Manager, Manage Query Tool

These programs can help you with what you're intending to do:

FlySpeed SQL Query
FlySpeed SQL Query
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FlySpeed SQL Query is a simple SQL query tool for the most of today's popular databases. This tool facilitates the process of building SQL by letting you quickly drag and drop tables to create queries, from simple to complex, and combine visual query building with direct SQL text editing.

Active Query Builder VCL Component Free Edition

Active Query Builder VCL Edition is a visual query builder component suite for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder that allows your end-users to build SQL queries with unions and subqueries via an intuitive visual interface. Active Query Builder is also a powerful SQL parser that allows programmatic analysis and modification of complex SQL queries.

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL is a visual tool for quick queries creation and extended data management. With the help of this tool, developers can effortlessly create and edit any complex queries in just several clicks.


FastQueryBuilder (FQB) is a visual query builder. You can use FQB in your applications written in Borland Delphi or Borland C++Builder environment for simple SQL generator creation.

dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server

Tool for quick creation of queries to SQL Server databases and extended data management. The main component of Query Builder is a visual diagram where you can "draw" your query.

WMI Query Tool
WMI Query Tool

WMI Query Tool is a tool for executing WMI queries. WMI Query Tool allows you to remote and local connections, specify user credentials for the WMI connection. WMI Query Tool can also query builder to create simple WMI queries and query results are show in a table.

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Guest Look at free WmiAxon.

Guest Great tool!
Would be great if a manual would be attached with how to view logs ;)

EMS Advanced Query Builder Component Suite (Trial Version)

Advanced Query Builder is a powerful component suite for Borland® Delphi® and C++ Builder® intended for visual building SQL statements for the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE clauses. It allows you to build new queries visually and/or graphically represent the existing queries in your own applications.

Active Query Builder ASP.NET Trial Edition v.0.5.2

Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition is designed for ASP.NET 2.0 and higher environments, it provides native and easy way to embed visual query building functionality into your ASP.NET projects.With Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition you can parse, analyze and get access to internal query representation objects at the server side.

U2U CAML Query Builder

The tool can run on the server where you can build queries for both the SharePoint object model and the SharePoint web services. You can also install the tool on a client but in that case you can only build queries for the SharePoint web services as you won't have access the SharePoint dlls.

The Query Tool
The Query Tool

The Query Tool is the ideal solution for the manager who quickly needs facts and figures from their business data without having to rely on IT personnel. The Query Tool Test is completely free but is a cut down version of The Query Tool 2005. Several functions are not available on this version including, but not restricted to, Query Editor, Summary and Query Builder.


Easy Query Builder (EQB) is a free program which allows you to create SQL queries to your database. It supports the majority of different database types such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and MS Access among others and the results can be exported to Excel spreadsheets for easier viewing and sharing.

The Query Tool 2005

The Query Tool is a powerful data mining application. It allows you to perform data analysis on any SQL database. It has been developed predominately for the non technical user.

Open QBuilder
Open QBuilder

The Open QBuilder (OQBuilder) is a simple "visual query builder". You can use OQBuilder in your Borland Delphi and Borland C++Builder applications to make easier SQL-code generation. You can create new TOQBEngine-descendants to work with any DataSet-oriented sources (for example - OCI engine, etc.).

Devart dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server

dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server is a program that allows users to build complex SQL queries via an intuitive visual query building interface easily and without manual code writing. You can draw your query on the elaborated diagram instead of writing code manually.


Query-Objects is a highly visual SQL query builder component that leverages on the power of .NET version 4. It allows your end-users to build SQL queries quickly and very intuitively by simply dragging and dropping tables and views on a worksheet. This is the perfect tool when it comes to extracting data quickly out of a database with only a minimum knowledge of SQL.

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