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Victoria Nelson, Editor / Informer Technologies, Inc. / June 18, 2013

The following programs will allow creating search engines for your own web sites. Your site visitors will be able to find any information with the help of tags. By using these applications, generating full-text search for a web site or Intranet, as well as offline search is possible.

Download solution synonyms: Search Engine Builder, Search Engine for Web Site, Create Search Engine

These programs can help you with what you're intending to do:

Quintura Search
Quintura Search
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Create a personal search engine with a visual map of context-based tags

Xtreeme Search Engine Studio

Xtreeme Search Engine Studio helps you create a search engine for your web site quickly and easily. The program works with any existing hosting solution. It is able to generate full-text search for website, Intranet or offline search. Because this tool uses its own database engine optimized for the searching purposes, there is no setup required on server.

Search Engine Builder Standard

Many visitors to your website are usually looking for specific information.Search Engine Builder create a search engine for your website to make it easier for your visitors to find things on your website and gives it a more professional appearance.

Easy Search Engine Creator

Easy Search Engine Creator is a great and easy-to-use tool that enables you to collect web pages from the Internet and house them in a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or XML Sheets. Easy Search Engine Creator includes many features to help you create a search engine.

Page Generator
Page Generator
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Page Generator is a wonderful tool for webmasters which generates search engine optimized pages in a few seconds allowing you to choose keywords and optimized text. The program is very small and intuitive, which will only take you a few minutes to understand. In the input section you have to add a word list file and a sentences file, which can be created with Notepad.

  • Free.
  • Nice and intuitive user interface.
  • Fast.
  • Requires some html knowledge.
Search Engine Builder Professional

Create a search engine so that your visitors can search your website.

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