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David Wardle, Editor / Informer Technologies, Inc. / December 12, 2012

These applications won't only check the availability of a website or server, but they can also monitor and measure their response time. They are also able of alerting you when the monitored websites are down.

Download solution synonyms: Check Website Response Time, Website Response Time Checker, Monitor Website Response Time

These programs can help you with what you're intending to do:

Monitor Wolf
Monitor Wolf

Is your Website Working Right Now? Let your PC watch your website every minute of the day! Accurately measures the performance of any website. Tracks server response using Active Ping technology, verifies DNS resolution and monitors HTTP visibility.


IsItUp is a full-featured network monitoring application that continually monitors multiple network devices at specified intervals, notifying you when they go down - or come back up. IsItUp keeps performance statistics on each device's availability and response time. IsItUp also has a Web and Windows User Interface making it easy to monitor your network status from any location.

WebSitePulse Current Status IE

The WebSitePulse Current Status Add-on for Internet Explorer provides an easy way to keep an eye in real-time on the status of your servers, websites and web applications. The Add-on provides details about the response time measured from all monitoring locations specified for the specific target and a shortcut link to the target details screen.


website WOLF Features:: Monitors your web site Can monitor 1-25 web sites Intuitively EASY to use Measures ping response from your host ISP Tests and checks DNS resolution Tests HTML code response and visibility Graphs response trends Alerts you when a problem occurs Email notification FREE Upgrades and support

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Whenever you want to check the availability of a network or to keep an eye on your domain, PingPlotter is a program that you can depend on. It is a great networking tool, which will give you all the information you need about any website or IP address.

  • It allows you to export traces and pings report either as image or as text.
  • It lets you customize your trace by allowing you to skip hoops.
  • It is capable of alerting you when the monitored domain in unreachable.
  • The program isn't able to alert you by SMS.
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