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Add Caption to Photo

Programs: 19 03 Oct 2012
You can customize your digital pictures by adding caption to them with the help of applications such as the ones from this set. These tools are either complex image editors or simple photo slideshows creators.

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Free Tool to Add Light Effects to Picture

Programs: 13 27 May 2014
Adding light effects to pictures is a process through which different light filters are applied, in order to darken the image in bright areas or lighten it where it's needed.

Family Photo Album Creator

Programs: 6 15 Sep 2013
A family photo album creator is an image editor designed to help you generate, edit, or print albums of your family photos. They will also allow you to add effects and frames designed specially for family pictures and create slide shows.

Free Photo Mask

Programs: 8 19 Jul 2013
The applications on the list include free photo editors, album designers and collage makers that will let you apply various masks to your pictures.

Free BMP Editor with Sepia Effect

Programs: 5 12 Sep 2014
BMP is one of the most common image file formats found on computers and it was designed to store simple bitmap photos. Sepia is an effect that can be applied to pictures giving them a warmer tone by making them appear in shades of brown.

Image Blurring Filter

Programs: 20 20 May 2013
The blur filter is designed to streak pictures and make them fuzzy. For instance, it's often used to create an effect of moving objects. All the programs are photo editors that allow applying a number of effects, besides blurring.

Add Design On Photo Picture Editor