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Add Text to Image

Programs: 20 11 Jun 2013
Almost all image editing programs provides users with an ability to apply text to their images. This operation can be usually done with a help of a particular tool, which can be found on the program's editing panel.

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WBMP Editor That Can Add Text Overlay to Images

Programs: 4 18 Nov 2014
WBMP is a graphics file format that's used in digital photography by mobile devices, like iPhones, smartphones, etc, to store monochromatic images.

Apply Watermark to 3GP Video

Programs: 7 14 Sep 2014
3GP is a video file format that is quite popular among smartphone users as it is used to store movie clips on various mobile devices. A watermark is a piece of text or an image that is embedded on a media file for copyright purposes.

Free Outlook Add-On for Sending SMS

Programs: 9 17 Jun 2013
Microsoft Outlook is an application for managing your contacts and personal info. It is primarily used as an e-mail client. This set of applications allows you to send SMS to mobile phones of your Outlook contacts from within Outlook.

Phone Book Exporter

Programs: 4 12 Jun 2014
In computing a phone book is an electronic address book used by mobile phone devices, Tablets, Pocket PCs, etc. to store contacts and related data.

Mobile to PC Data Transfer

Programs: 15 29 Oct 2012
These applications allow the users to transfer various types of data and files, such as images, music, documents, etc. from their mobile phones to their computers.

Add Text To Image Mobile