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Animated Love-Themed Screensaver

Programs: 5 09 Sep 2013
A screensaver is a display image shown after the user has been inactive for some time. It was initially used to prevent the so-called phosphor burn-in, i.e.

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Heart Screensaver

Programs: 12 13 Jun 2013
The screensavers listed below are all devoted to the heart and everything connected with it. Actually they are about love and relationship. They show you beautiful pictures with romantic views and couples and bring romance to your desktop.

Heart Wallpaper

Programs: 9 13 May 2013
Loads of Wallpapers and Screensavers for any taste give a wonderful opportunity to personalize computer desktop basing on personal preferences of a user.

Free Heart Screensaver

Programs: 10 19 Jul 2013
Heart screensavers are programs showing images of hearts when your computer has been inactive for some time. The screensavers from the list display various love-themed pictures with hearts made of flowers, sweets, candles and so on.

3D Heart Screensaver

Programs: 12 31 Jul 2013
3D heart screensavers are utilities that display 3D pictures with hearts on your computer when it has been inactive for some time. The screensavers from the list offer various pictures on love theme and all of them include 3D images with hearts.

Love-Themed Screensavers

Programs: 10 14 Aug 2013
Isn't love the most beautiful thing on our planet? And what better way to express your feelings than a lovely screensaver with romantic pictures and nice music?

Animated Love Hearts Download