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Caller Detector

Programs: 16 02 Oct 2012
This set contains caller ID detection programs. Besides detecting who is calling you, these applications will also let you make phone calls, record the conversations, create and manage phone books, etc.

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Program to Find Copies

Programs: 20 30 Sep 2012
If you use any of these duplicate file detecting applications, then you will be able to identify and remove the files that are stored as multiple copies on your drive, may they be pictures, videos or songs.

Free IP Location Finder

Programs: 7 07 Aug 2013
IP address is a unique address assigned to each and every device participating in a computer network for purposes of network interface identification and location addressing.

Remote Webcam Monitoring

Programs: 16 20 Sep 2012
These applications enable you to remotely control your webcam and record or monitor the activity from your home, office or other environment.

Find Duplicate HTML Files

Programs: 20 29 Sep 2012
Applications of this type can help you detect the duplicate files on your computer. The programs work with lots of file extensions, and therefore you can find only duplicate HTML files.

Tag People in Pictures

Programs: 8 24 May 2013
An image tag may be a piece of meta information (timestamp, location, people in the photo) embedded in the image file, or it can be an actual inscription in the photo itself.

Caller Location Detection App