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Log Typed Passwords

Programs: 17 28 Sep 2012
These programs will help you if you want to know the passwords that people used in order to log into their accounts and if you have access to the used computer.

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Tool for Digital Microscope

Programs: 9 09 Oct 2014
A digital microscope is a type of microscope that can be connected to a computer (usually via the USB port) and display data on a monitor. The following set contains several pieces of software that...

Capture Screenshot from IP Camera Stream

Programs: 6 31 Oct 2014
An IP camera is a type of digital video camera that is used to send and receive data through a computer network. These cameras are mostly used for surveillance.

Capture Screen of LAN Computer

Programs: 7 14 Nov 2014
LAN (Local Area Network) is a type of computer network used for connecting systems located is a small area. The following collection includes some applications that will let you take screenshots of computers located in your LAN.

Capture Scene from DVD Movie to BMP

Programs: 4 11 Jun 2014
BMP, also known as bitmap, is the raster image file format well-known for its ability to store 2D images of any width, height, and resolution.

Take Snapshot from Movie

Programs: 6 14 Feb 2013
This set contains applications that allow you to easily take still snapshots from video files. They let you capture your favorite movie scenes to images from DVDs and video files of various types, such as AVI, VOB, WMV, MPG, etc.

Capture Typing On Computer