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Transfer USB Data to CD

Programs: 20 31 Oct 2012
If you wish to transfer data that you have saved on a USB drive onto a CD or a DVD, then you need to use a piece of software designed for burning optical discs.

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ISO Creator with Disc Image Converter

Programs: 8 09 Sep 2014
Simply put, a disc image is a file that contains an exact copy of the structure and data stored on a disc (CD, DVD, USB flash drive, hard drive, etc.).

Burn ISO to USB

Programs: 4 05 Jul 2013
An ISO image is an exact replica of a CD or DVD that contains data of each and every written sector of that disk. This set of applications will allow you to burn existing ISO images onto USB flash...

Free Bootable USB Maker

Programs: 5 13 Jul 2014
A USB flash drive (also named USB stick) is a small external data stocking device that can be plugged into any PC through the USB port. Using a bootable USB in order to install your operating a system...

Photo Repair

Programs: 13 30 Oct 2012
The programs from this set will help you repair or recover corrupted picture files. Most of them are complete data recovery solutions that can recover files of any type, not just image files.

Repair Corrupted Media

Programs: 12 05 Oct 2012
These tools can either recover data from corrupted media devices, or repair broken multimedia files. They can recover files of any types, may they be music files, images, videos or documents.

Convert DVD Data To USB Flash Drive