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XML to DOC Converter

Programs: 7 02 Oct 2012
XML is a widely used markup language and it can be read both by humans and computers alike. Programs from this set offer the ability to convert this code into MS Office file extensions such as DOC,...

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Free PDF to XML Converter

Programs: 4 03 Jul 2013
PDF or Portable Document Format refers to a file format encapsulating all the elements of a printed document, therefore, allowing you to view, navigate, print, or forward it to someone else independently of the hardware and software it runs on.

DOC to XML Converter

Programs: 4 17 Oct 2012
Any of the following applications will help you convert Word DOC files to XML files. Batch converting multiple Word documents is also possible. Some of these tools support converting to and from other file formats as well.

PDF to DOCX Converter

Programs: 14 10 Apr 2014
DOCX, also known as Office Open XML, is a Microsoft XML-based file format that replaced DOC as the default format for the documents created by the well-known MS Word application.

DOC to DOCX Converter

Programs: 4 11 Mar 2014
Both DOC and DOCX are the most popular formats used for documents created with the famous MS Word text editor. DOC was the default format of MS Word files until 2007, when DOCX, an XML-based file format, replaced it.

Batch HTML to DOCX Converter

Programs: 7 04 Mar 2014
HTML is the main programming language used for the development of website, web pages and any information that can be accessed via a web browser.

Convert XML Document To DOC