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Copy CD to PC

Programs: 4 21 Dec 2012
If you want to save your favorite music from CD to PC the programs from this set are exactly comply with your demands. The applications allow users to make copies of all CDs and save them in different formats.

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Copy Audio CD

Programs: 9 12 Nov 2013
This set contains applications that allow you to create copies of audio CDs. These tools let you clone audio CDs by copying the contents of the original discs and burning new ones with the exact contents.

Tool for Splitting and Joining Files

Programs: 19 13 Sep 2012
This type of applications enables you to split any large file or document into smaller pieces , of same size. These pieces can be copied to CDs,floppy disks or sent by email,and then you can rebuild them into the original file.

DVD Copy Creator

Programs: 20 03 Oct 2012
You can use any program from this set in order to copy your favorite movies, music or TV shows from DVDs to your hard drive or to other discs.

CD Copier

Programs: 20 07 Oct 2012
You can copy your entire CD collection to your hard disk or to other blank CD/ DVD discs with the help of any program included in this list. You can also burn, rip or edit CDs in a fast and easy way...

iPod Backup Tool

Programs: 13 09 Aug 2013
iPod backup tools are utilities designed to perform iPod data backup by creating copies of iPod files on computers so that the original contents could be restored in the event of data loss.

Copy Original CD To PC