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Restore Data from Memory Card

Programs: 13 18 Oct 2012
These applications will help you recover photos and other types of files from digital memory cards. Most of them can recover data from other types of storage devices such as hard disks, USB sticks, etc.

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Recover BMP Photo from SD Card

Programs: 8 20 Sep 2014
BMP, also known as bitmap, is the raster graphics image file format best known for being able to store 2D images of any width, height, and resolution.

Recover MP3 from SD Card

Programs: 13 29 Nov 2014
MP3 is one of the most popular digital audio formats in the world and is compatible with most, if not all, players and devices. A SD card is a flash memory card device that's used with mobile devices...

Free Song Recognition

Programs: 4 11 Jul 2013
If you are looking for a free program that is able to identify any song from the radio, TV, or a movie, then we would like to offer you this set of applications.

Ringtone Maker

Programs: 20 09 Oct 2013
Do you wanna set your favorite song's refrain as a ringtone for your cellular, iPhone, or Blackberry? The following programs will allow you to create your own unique ringtones from any song, movie...

Extract Audio from Video

Programs: 20 01 Oct 2012
It can happen to anyone to hear a great song while watching a movie, or to enjoy a lot of the soundtracks of a video. Thanks to programs such as these, anyone can easily extract the audio from AVI...

Data Movie Video Song