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iPod Data Transfer

Programs: 14 01 Nov 2012
These applications make transferring data between an iPod and a computer a really easy task. They will help you transfer any kind of files, may they be music files, photos or videos.

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Recover AVI from SD Card

Programs: 7 24 Dec 2014
AVI is a common video file format and it's a popular choice for watching standard definition videos. An SD card is a flash memory card device that's used with mobile devices to store various forms of data, like pictures, movies, songs, etc.

Export Data Project

Programs: 11 04 Oct 2012
There are several programs that can help you export different kinds of projects, from one software to another. It depends on the type of the project you are working with.

Generate Playlist from Database

Programs: 8 01 Nov 2012
As modern hard disks have a very large capacity, a lot of music fans store several gigabytes of music on their computers. One of the most frequent problems comes from the fact that it takes a long...

Music Recognition

Programs: 5 06 Oct 2012
The applications from this category will help you discover the name of the song that is played on a external music device such as a radio or stereo player.

Make Song List

Programs: 20 27 Sep 2012
The easiest way to keep track of a huge collection of songs is to create a database that contains all of them and to constantly update it. Each of these programs will offer you a good solution to perform this particular activity.

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