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Image Splitter

Programs: 10 07 Nov 2012
The following applications can split images into smaller pieces. Some of them will also generate the HTML table code for those parts. Most of these tools are meant to split TIF/TIFF image files, but...

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Disk Partition Creator

Programs: 7 10 Oct 2012
Whenever you may need a disk partition creating tool, then any program from this list will provide an excellent solution. They are designed to create new partitions, and they can also delete or modify existing ones.

File Splitter

Programs: 20 19 Dec 2012
There are countless situations when you might need to split a file into smaller pieces. The size limitations of e-mail attachments is one of the causes of such situations.

C Code Header

Programs: 13 18 Jun 2013
Header files work like separators for the code, allowing programmers to divide parts of the script into reusable files. Here are the tools that may ease the programmer's work, saving the already created headers and making their creation easier.

MOV Splitter

Programs: 10 31 Jul 2013
MOV is a video file format originally used by QuickTime. Splitting MOV files means dividing them in two or more parts. The applications from the list wiil help you split your MOV files, most of them also include other MOV editing features.

Divide A Photo Into Multiple Parts