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DJ Music Studio

Programs: 18 01 Oct 2012
Applications of this kind will let you create DJ music and sound effects directly on your computer without owning additional hardware. These programs have a lot of features and aren't quite easy to...

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Beatmixing Programs

Programs: 20 17 Jun 2013
Beatmixing represents the disk jockey technique of playing two melodies simultaneously. The programs on the list are designed to sync beats of several songs at the same time.

Music Composer

Programs: 20 29 Sep 2012
Making delightful music arrangements on a home computer can be accomplished with the help of powerful software such as these ones. The programs can assist the musician in every step of the music creation process.

Virtual Instruments

Programs: 19 27 Sep 2012
These are programs that let you use your own samples for beats, drums, guitars, pianos, etc. in order to create your own music from scratch. You can create different genres of music from classical, to pop, hip hop, rock, techno and many other.

Create Techno Music

Programs: 5 26 Jul 2013
This set of applications allows you to create your own music in the style of Techno. In addition to standard tools found in a majority of music sequencers, these applications also provide Techno loops, drum beats, samples, etc.

Image Viewer

Programs: 8 14 Sep 2012
Professional users are able to export graph analysis and medical images by using various applications which are especially design for medical area.

Dj Beat Maker Pro + Key Software