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Email Contacts Extractor

Programs: 16 24 Oct 2012
These e-mail address extractors are applications able to collect contact information from websites, folders or applications. They also work with email clients such as Outlook.

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Outlook Email Extractor

Programs: 20 30 Sep 2012
These tools will allow you to easily extract and save all the available fields of any Outlook email to text documents, Excel spreadsheets, or other file formats.

Free Tool to Extract Email Attachment from Outlook

Programs: 8 13 Nov 2014
Outlook is Microsoft's famous personal information manager and email client. It is also a part of the Microsoft Office software suite. This collection provides you with several applications that will...

Email Data Extractor

Programs: 13 10 Jul 2013
Quite often, you may need to quickly extract some specific data from your emails. These data may include email addresses, other contact details or some specific texts.

Email Extraction Tool for Gmail

Programs: 5 30 Jan 2014
Extracting email addresses and data can prove to be quite useful in various situations, but doing it manually can take a great deal of time. If you want a much easier solution (for your Gmail account),...

Extract Email Address from HTML File

Programs: 13 25 Sep 2014
HTML is a popular markup language that is commonly used to create websites. The following set puts at your disposal several pieces of software that give you the possibility to extract email addresses found within your HTML files.

Extracting Sent Email