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Transfer Phone Files to PC

Programs: 15 29 Oct 2012
These applications allow the users to transfer various types of data and files, such as images, music, documents, etc. from their mobile phones to their computers.

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Copy Mobile Phone Contacts

Programs: 13 24 Oct 2012
With these programs you can create a backup of your mobile phone contacts list by transferring it to your PC. This way, if you need to reset the mobile software you will not lose your entire phonebook.

Transfer Music to Nokia Phone

Programs: 17 27 Nov 2013
This set contains applications that let you transfer music files from your computer to a connected Nokia phone, regardless of what model the Nokia phone is.

Send Audio to Mobile Phone

Programs: 15 08 Oct 2012
This set contains handy applications that help with transferring files between your computer and your mobile phone. You can transfer any kind of files: music, documents, photos and videos.

Transfer Picture to Phone for Free

Programs: 4 01 Nov 2012
These applications enable the users to transfer pictures and other types of files from their computers to their mobile phones. Most of them support only specific phone developers, such as Nokia, Samsung...

Sync Phone Messages

Programs: 15 07 Oct 2012
Programs from this set are designed to backup and update your phone. They can also help you transfer data from your phone to your PC, with or without an USB cable. However if you update your phone make sure to backup all data first.

Flash Transfer Apps For PC To Phone