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CD Label Maker

Programs: 18 27 Sep 2012
Any program included in this set will permit you to create custom labels for your CD collection. You can design labels in a fast and easy manner as you will be able to use text or images from a variety of formats such as .jpeg,.bmp or .png.

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Disc Case Cover Creator

Programs: 14 06 Oct 2012
These programs allow you to personalize the case of any CD or DVD that you create. They let you create your own case covers and labels, from your own photos and using your own ideas.

Lightscribe Template Design

Programs: 20 31 Jul 2013
LightScribe is an innovative technology that uses a special disc drive, special media, and label-making software to burn labels directly onto CDs and DVDs.

CD/DVD Label Printer

Programs: 5 12 Oct 2012
Any program from this set is designed to provide you a handy CD/DVD label printing solution. Some will also allow you to design original CD or DVD covers or just simply print directly on printable discs using LightScribe burners.

DVD Cover Creator

Programs: 12 10 Oct 2012
Applications from this set will let you easily create covers and labels for your DVDs. You can use most of them to create and print covers and labels for CDs too. Previewing the created cover art before printing it is also possible.

Free Label Creator

Programs: 10 27 May 2013
Label creators and designers allow you to make, customize and print labels for your CD, DVD discs, storage cases, bar codes, etc. The programs provide a large variety of styles and templates for you to personalize your creations.

Free CD DVD Label Edit