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Learn English

Programs: 20 15 Feb 2013
The following applications are meant to help you learn English. They will help you learn to speak or write English, as well as learn the English spelling, grammar and idioms. Some of them include English dictionaries.

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Study Guide

Programs: 20 01 Dec 2013
Study guides facilitate the learning in a large number of areas and are most often developed by the academic support centers in schools. This list contains a large variety of study guides, both free...

Free English Tests and Quizzes

Programs: 5 02 Jul 2013
When you're studying English there are so many ways to improve your level. But at some point you're going to have to test yourself. If you want to be sure whether you can pass some tests or just want...

English for Beginners Learning Software

Programs: 7 21 Aug 2013
English for beginners learning programs are applications designed to teach the essential basics of English by providing listening, reading, and writing topics and tests.

Learn German

Programs: 7 13 Jun 2013
German is one of the world's most widespread languages, with around 100 million speakers all over the globe. It belongs to the West Germanic language family, alongside Dutch and English.

Free English Study Software