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Recover Damaged Video Files

Programs: 18 20 Sep 2012
This type of applications will allow you to repair your broken MP4 videos. They can be useful to work with in case your MP4 file has been incorrectly copied from another storage device or hasn't been completely downloaded from the Internet.

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Repair Damaged Sectors

Programs: 20 26 Sep 2012
Applications in this category allow the users to repair damaged hard drives and to recover lost data. These programs can help you to repair bad sectors, fix the MBR, recover partition tables and to check the disk for errors.

CD Repair

Programs: 10 01 Oct 2012
This set contains powerful applications that can recover unreadable data from scratched/damaged CDs or DVDs. They will deep scan the disks and then copy their content byte by byte.

Free ZIP Repairing Tool

Programs: 8 04 Jan 2014
ZIP is one of the most popular compression formats, next to RAR. The following applications are capable of repairing broken, damaged or corrupted ZIP archives.

Export Data from Memory Cards

Programs: 7 08 May 2013
These programs help you copy the files stored on your selected memory card. Also you can organize your data from flash cards or help you recover data from a damaged card.

Repair JPG Files

Programs: 14 18 Nov 2013
JPG (JPEG) is one of the most commonly used image format for digital photography. Whenever you may need an intuitive and reliable solution to repair your damaged JPG (JPEG) files, any application from this set will do the job perfectly.

Free Repair MP4 Damaged MP4 File