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Text Art Creator

Programs: 7 14 Dec 2012
You can use any program from this set to customize or create your own awesome text art. You can create stunning text effects to use in presentations, slideshows, to enhance the look of websites, etc. Some may also provide various templates.

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Word to eBook Converter

Programs: 8 30 Mar 2014
Word is the popular text processing application developed by Microsoft and used to create documents. It can be downloaded as a standalone utility or as a part of Microsoft Office, a software pack developed by Microsoft.

Website Downloader

Programs: 14 25 Oct 2012
These applications allow you to copy an entire website to your local drive. With the programs, you can download the entire content of a webpage (text, images, product catalogs, etc.) so that you can view it in offline mode.

Google Book Downloader

Programs: 5 13 Jun 2014
Google Books, formerly known as Google Book Search and Google Print, is a service provided by Google that searches in the full text of books and magazines that Google has scanned and stored in its database.

Open RAM File

Programs: 4 12 Jul 2013
RAM is a RealAudio metadata file format. It is used to get access to RealAudio streams and contains in fact one line of plain text, referring to a full URL of the stream to download.

Google Service Tools

Programs: 11 09 Sep 2013
This set includes tools that will help you manage Google services, such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Ads, Google Search, Google Books, etc. Using these applications, you will be able to easily download...

Free Text Design App Download