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Find Corrupt Files

Programs: 11 16 Sep 2012
Sometimes because of corrupted system files your computer can get slow and sluggish or some programs may start to function improperly. The files on your PC can get corrupted because of a lot of reasons:...

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Repair Corrupt Image

Programs: 15 28 Sep 2012
These programs can identify images that are corrupted or damaged and can offer you a solution for fixing them. Some of these programs work only with JPG/JPEG image files, others only with PSD/PDD files, while others suppor any kind of image.

Recover Damaged Text

Programs: 20 06 May 2013
Often users face the problem when after hard work with documents something goes wrong and the text becomes damaged. If you are dealing with corrupted text files and you don't want to delete them you can use recovering tools.

Free Duplicate MP3 File Finder

Programs: 5 31 Oct 2012
These applications include functions that can help you detect duplicate files and delete them. They can also identify corrupted and damaged audio files and fix or clear them out.

Sha Hash Tool

Programs: 20 19 Jan 2014
SHA (sort for Secure Hash Algorithm) is a collection of cryptographic hash functions. These types of functions are commonly used for information security applications such as identifying the uniqueness...

How To Identify Corrupted Software