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Repair Corrupted Media

Programs: 12 05 Oct 2012
These tools can either recover data from corrupted media devices, or repair broken multimedia files. They can recover files of any types, may they be music files, images, videos or documents.

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Recover Photos from Memory Card

Programs: 19 05 Nov 2013
This set of applications allows you to recover photos from your memory card. What differs these applications from general-purpose data recovery tools is that they not only attempt to restore your photos as deleted files (from e.g.

Free Tool to Repair MS Access Database

Programs: 6 29 Dec 2013
MS Access is a popular database utility, created by Microsoft and provided as a part of the Office suite. The following applications can repair damaged, broken and corrupted MS Access database files...

Repair Damaged Sectors

Programs: 20 26 Sep 2012
Applications in this category allow the users to repair damaged hard drives and to recover lost data. These programs can help you to repair bad sectors, fix the MBR, recover partition tables and to check the disk for errors.

Repair Registry

Programs: 20 19 Sep 2012
The registry is a very important part of a Windows system. Usually when software applications are uninstalled, some information still remain stored inside the registry, and these leftovers will gradually burden the OS, slowing it down.

Repair Damaged Disks

Programs: 20 24 Sep 2012
These programs are helpful when you have a damaged CD, DVD, flash memory drive, floppy disk or hard disk and need to recover lost data. These applications include features like repairing corrupt disk...

How To Repair Partly Recovered File