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Photo Resizer

Programs: 20 29 Sep 2012
For different reasons, you may need to resize one or more of your pictures. Whether you want to make the picture bigger to better view the subject of the picture or smaller to reduce the file size,...

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JPG Image Viewer

Programs: 19 30 Sep 2012
Joint Photographic Experts Group or "JPG" is a popular image format that effectively combines good quality with a low file size. Using this set of applications you are able to open and view the images that have the ".jpg" extension.

Small-Sized Game

Programs: 20 11 Jul 2013
Small-sized games are usually casual or flash games, they are quite handy when you have a low-powered computer or limited Internet traffic. They install and load quite fast and if you want to spend...

Program to Reduce MP3 File Size

Programs: 9 22 Jan 2013
The programs in this set help you to easily reduce the MP3 file size by compressing it, the output being a file with a lower bit rate. This may affect the quality of the audio file.

Audio Bitrate Changer

Programs: 11 16 May 2013
In the context of digital audio, bitrate is the amount of auidio data (samples, frequencies, etc.) stored in each second of a recording. Thus, higher bitrates mean higher audio quality and bigger file size.

Free 3GP to MPEG4 Converter

Programs: 10 22 Aug 2013
3GP is a popular video format mostly used on feature phones. This set of applications will help your convert your 3GP files to MPEG4, another video format, which offers improved quality similar to...

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