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WMP Graphic EQ Effect

Programs: 9 07 May 2013
Windows Media Player (commonly referred to as WMP) is a multimedia player developed by Microsoft and supplied with nearly all versions of Windows.

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Free Audio Visualization Plug-Ins

Programs: 6 16 May 2013
Visualization (also known as graphic EQ effect) is a term that is used to refer to the procedurally generated animation clips that media players render in real time during music playback.

Free Media Player

Programs: 20 16 Oct 2012
This set contains free applications that allow you to play MP3 audio files. They come with a lot of additional features, such as playlist management, support for playing other audio file formats (WAV, OGG, etc.) and so on.

Windows Media Player Visualization Freeware

Programs: 5 31 Jul 2013
Windows Media Player is a multimedia player and library utility created by Microsoft. Music visualization tools are usually music player plugins generating animation clips depending on a piece of music.

Play MP3 Files

Programs: 7 20 Sep 2012
This set of programs comprises open source applications that can play mp3 files. Whether they are strictly for playing mp3 files or are complex multimedia players that support a large variety of file...

Create Music Visualization Effect

Programs: 5 13 Nov 2013
This set contains music visualization plug-ins that allow you to thoroughly customize the visual effects and create your own visuals. They are compatible with most popular media players such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, or WinAmp.

Music Graphics For Media Player