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Transfer Files from Phone

Programs: 15 07 Oct 2012
Programs from this set are designed to backup and update your phone. They can also help you transfer data from your phone to your PC, with or without an USB cable. However if you update your phone make sure to backup all data first.

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3GP Converter

Programs: 20 22 Sep 2012
Converting video files to the 3GP format is an easy task thanks to applications like these. They also let you convert multiple video files at once, in batches, and they support a very large variety of file types as the input files.

Send Picture to Phone for Free

Programs: 4 01 Nov 2012
These applications enable the users to transfer pictures and other types of files from their computers to their mobile phones. Most of them support only specific phone developers, such as Nokia, Samsung...

Smartphone Sync

Programs: 8 07 May 2013
Most modern smartphones require installing specific software in order for you to manage their contents when you connect them to your PC. By means of these software suites, you get to: back up your...

QT to Mobile Phone Converter

Programs: 18 28 Nov 2014
QT is one of the multimedia container file formats used by the QuickTime Framework (next to MOV). This collection is comprised from numerous applications that are capable of converting QT files into...

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