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Compare Files

Programs: 10 23 Sep 2012
You can use any software from this set to clearly see the difference between two folders, between two files or between two versions of the same file. Some of these tools also let you modify the file as you run the comparison.

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Open Source Image Comparer

Programs: 4 21 Sep 2014
Within this collection you will find numerous applications that will help you compare various image files, like JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc. Some of these applications can also delete image duplicates. All these programs are open source.

Source Code Viewer

Programs: 5 23 Jan 2013
Once in a while you may need to view the source code of a program or HTML page. The most frequent reasons for these include comparing two different source code files or mere curiosity.

Open Source FTP Client

Programs: 5 21 Jan 2014
FTP, short for File Transfer Protocol, is a service that allows you to transfer files between an Internet server and a computer. This collection includes several pieces of software that give you the...

Acc to MP3 Converter

Programs: 17 19 Sep 2012
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) delivers a better sound quality compared to MP3, as it is designed to succeed it, but many players and devices still support only the MP3 file format.

Open Source Tool to Compare Database Schemas

Programs: 4 08 Jan 2014
A database schema represents the structure of a database in a language that the database system supports and understands. These applications allow comparing database schemas.

Open Source File Comparator