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Converting PDF to XML

Programs: 12 21 Sep 2012
The programs from this set will let you easily convert PDF documents to XML files. Converting PDF files to Word documents, text files, images and other formats is also possible. What's more, these tools support batch conversions.

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Word Converter

Programs: 20 25 Jun 2013
Microsoft Word is a part of Miscrosoft Office, the most popular document processing software. Quite often we need to convert between Ms Word files in .txt and .doc formats and other extensions, like PDF, XML, JPG etc.

Export SQL to RTF File

Programs: 4 14 Dec 2012
These programs provide you with an excellent solution for when you need to export SQL data to Rich Text Format files. They enable you to export an entire database or parts of it like tables and data...

Free PPTX to PDF Converter

Programs: 6 06 Jul 2014
PowerPoint is the popular presentation making application created by Microsoft and distributed as part of the MS Office suite. PPTX is the new PowerPoint's default extension and it's based on the Office Open XML file format.

XML Parser

Programs: 12 04 Jan 2014
XML is the acronym from eXtensible Markup Language and represents a well-known markup language and document encoding type. XML parsers are capable of analyzing the markup in order to pass structured information to an application.

Open XML

Programs: 20 25 Sep 2012
These programs allow creating, viewing, authoring, and editing XML data and documents. With their help you will be able to create virtual environments, games, sitemaps, etc.

Programa Converter PDF Para XML