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Daily Routine Program

Programs: 19 29 Sep 2012
This set contains applications that offer you the opportunity to keep a record of your daily events. They allow the users to store any kind of information about their daily activities and events.

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Desktop Tool for Managing Tasks

Programs: 19 04 Oct 2012
Some of these programs are computerized versions of the yellow sticky notes while others are complex personal information managers or dedicated reminders and alarm schedulers.

Free Task Scheduler

Programs: 8 12 Jan 2014
Task schedulers are specialized system tools that can prove to be very useful, especially when planning to perform time-consuming tasks like a disk defragmentation or full virus scan.

Create Free Schedule

Programs: 10 11 Jun 2013
Sometimes there are so many things to do during a day that you just can't allocate your time. The programs listed below will surely help you with this task.

Project Planning Software

Programs: 13 26 Apr 2013
The project management software industry is increasing day after day. The list of programs presented below allows a user to easily track a project from its conception to its launch.

Open Source Task Planner

Programs: 4 14 Dec 2012
This set contains applications that allow planning, scheduling, organizing, tracking and managing various projects and tasks. The thing that all these applications have in common is the fact that they are all open source.

Schedule Planner For Computer