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HTML Folder List

Programs: 12 30 Sep 2012
These programs can convert the list of files from a folder or a list of folders into an HTML page. They can be used to generate links from a root folder or hard drive and convert them into an HTML page.

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Free Internet Speed Tester

Programs: 5 13 Jun 2013
The programs listed below are the utilities for testing your Internet and download speed. They monitor all the main processes connected with uploading and downloading and show the information in kbps and KB/Sec. It's very intuitive and useful.

Waterfall Screen Saver

Programs: 20 18 Dec 2012
Waterfalls are a mesmerizing natural landscape that fascinated people since ancient times, and that's also the main reason why there are so many screensavers that can be downloaded from the Internet...

Adware Sites Blocker

Programs: 10 23 May 2013
Adware sites are not only one of the most annoying things we ecounter when browsing the Web: they can also pose a serious threat to your system security as you never know what is actually advertized with this adware.

Get Notifications for Upcoming Episodes of a TV Show

Programs: 4 24 Dec 2013
These applications let you list the TV series and TV shows that you're currently following, and they will alert you when a new episode is released.

Offline TV Player

Programs: 4 05 Dec 2014
Any of the applications present within this collection are capable of allowing you to watch your favorite TV show or program while being offline.

Show List And Download Files HTML