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Free Unneeded Files Cleaner

Programs: 20 23 May 2013
Junk files are usually created by Windows and other programs that save temporary files, during installation and when running, on your hard disk.

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Clean System for Free

Programs: 10 25 Oct 2012
This set lists free applications that are helpful for anyone who wants to optimize and improve his/her system's performance. These programs offer many powerful tools that will clean the Windows registry and remove junk and obsolete files.

Junk File Cleaner for Windows XP

Programs: 20 13 Jul 2014
When we talk about junk files, we usually refer to the temporary files that are created by the Windows operating system but sometimes don't get erased when they should've been.

Free Registry Recovery Tool

Programs: 5 20 Jan 2014
The Windows Registry is the place where all the information regarding your operating system configuration and software installations is stored.

Junk File Remover

Programs: 20 01 Oct 2012
As a result of installing different software or of browsing the Internet, your computer can create and store temporary files which are hidden from the eyes of an average user and which over time get to waste space and be rather useless.

Free Temporary Files Eraser

Programs: 13 08 Oct 2012
These free applications will detect unnecessary files and remove them, helping you gain additional space on your hard disk. These disk cleaners will remove junk files such as temporary files, cookies, log files, hibernation files, etc.

Software Junk File Remover Freeware