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Movie File Organizer

Programs: 14 17 Sep 2012
When dealing with a large number of multimedia files, you will need a tool that will help you to keep your media collection organized. This type of application allows you to easily group your video...

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Audio DAT File Opener

Programs: 12 30 Oct 2012
This list contains programs that can open DAT audio files and offer handy additional features such as support for other audio and/or video formats or playlist management capabilities. Most of these tools are also free.

Video Library Creator

Programs: 15 07 Oct 2012
Whenever you need to organize your video files, you can use programs that are especially designed to create video libraries. They will handle video information: file names, actor names, cover pictures, episodes, soundtracks, etc.

Free Samsung Phone Manager

Programs: 6 11 Jul 2013
If you are a proud user of a Samsung phone, then the following set of free programs may come in handy. The apps will let you transfer and manage data between your PC and device.

ASX to AVI Converter

Programs: 6 09 Dec 2014
ASX is a media file format that was designed by Microsoft to manage ASF video files. AVI is one of the most common video formats used for storing video data on PCs.

MP4 to VOB Converter

Programs: 5 19 Jul 2013
MP4 refers to a file format typically used to store video and audio files. VOB stands for DVD Video Object and implies a DVD media container format for digital multimedia data.

Video Files Data Manager