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Time Zone Clock

Programs: 19 07 Oct 2012
Keeping track of what the time is in different regions of the world is useful in many situations, such as when you need to make a phone call overseas.

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World Time Clock

Programs: 8 06 May 2013
We can't imagine a desktop of a computer without clocks. Time servers and clock monitoring tools listed below show the time of different timezones, automatically synchronize the time with other servers...

Free Desktop Wallpaper with Clock

Programs: 6 23 Oct 2012
This set contains applications that provide you with access to handy clocks which are displayed right on your desktop wallpaper. Additional features such as world clock or calendars are also provided by some of these programs.

World-Clock Wallpaper

Programs: 4 15 Sep 2013
A wallpaper is an image that is used as the background of your desktop. Wallpapers can be animated and enhanced with additional features like animated clocks.

Free Digital Clock with MP3 Alarm

Programs: 7 31 Oct 2014
MP3 is one of the most popular digital audio formats in the world and is compatible with most, if not all, players and devices. Within this collection you will find multiple digital clocks that also offer an alarm feature.

Free Multiple Time Zone Desktop Clock

Programs: 16 24 Mar 2014
Clocks that support displaying the time in different regions of the world are of great use for people who have friends or family members in other countries and time zones.

World Time Saver Clock